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Mitsubishi Eclipse , Eagle Talon, Plymouth Laser - DOHC Turbo 1st Gen DSM socketed EPROM ECM, ECU 

Up to 1995, each year a certain number of Mitsubishi made ECMs came off the production line with an EPROM designed in the layout of the PCB.

By removing the factory chip you can replace it with a modified EPROM to change parameters in the ECM, this is fairly popular among the DSM racing enthuisiast.

For more information on the upgrades available to you by using this type of DSM EPROM ECU, we suggest you read up on it via the vast resources of the DSM community online.
Try DSM.org, a huge compilation of information on the Mitsubishi made 2.0 DOHC Turbo cars.

More specific to the EPROM mods available see DSMlink.com. They have alot to offer you if you have an EPROM ECM in your car.

2.0 DOHC DSM EPROM ECU         Includes socketed EPROM versions of Mitsubishi part #s listed below 

Rebuilt ECMs
engine computers

MD128623 - Cal

MD145902 - Cal AWD
MD145903         AWD
MD165530 - Cal
MD165531 - AWD AT
MD165532-Cal AWD/AT
MD166261 - Cal
MD166262         AWD
MD166263 - Cal AWD

includes VR4 Galant ECMs

 MD165810         awd
 MD165811 Cal   awd


Our socketed EPROM ECUs or EPROM ECMs, come equiped with the factory
EPROM re-installed in the socket. It will perform the same as a non EPROM ECM, 
until you install a modified performance EPROM chip,
such as an old TMO chip, or the DSM link chip.

Rebuilt Mitsubishi ISC motors or IAC motors

Our Mitsubishi ECM repair, ECU rebuilding service is an economical alternative to purchasing a replacement.
$195. including return shipping - 18 month warranty - unlimited mileage
Orders are processed same day when received by 2pm eastern.
Send in your computer with your contact information and we will call you for billing info when it arrives.

Call us toll free at 800 241 6689

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